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Be ready for anything.


released June 3, 2014

Daniel J. W!shington wrote, produced and performed them.
Nils Montan recorded them.
Jon Markson mixed and played bass on two of them.
James Zaner mastered them.

L ! S T E N <3



all rights reserved


Daniel J. W!shington Los Angeles, California



W ! S H

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Track Name: Get Lost
Don't ask me why
Don't know where he did go
Don't know when he did flee
So get lost, stay lost

So little i know and
So many answers I must now question
So get lost, stay lost

he'll appear out of blue
he'll appear within red,
and get caught

Maybe he's flying and
Maybe he's under the ground that we're stepping on
So step on, step on

Last time I saw him he was brandishing a super soaker.
I cracked a smile but he wasn't in the mood for joking.
Shot it at me left my dry shirt wet.
He got that from the dollar store I'm not sure when.

Nor do I know how he got those hundred pennies.
His wallet burned his pride and the pain was unrelenting.
I remember he was wearing someone else's clothes,
Argyle socks with three stripe shoes and shell toes.

Don't ask me why, maybe he just needed some time to himself,
So get lost, stay lost
Don't ask me when he was last spotted,
It's been days, it's been weeks.
So get lost, stay lost.

He didn't seem troubled, he wasn't angry,
could be that he just wanted to get lost, stay lost.
Whereabouts unknown, stopped trying his phone
after it stopped ringing, but my last message was:

"Homie they're tracing every last footstep of your's,
and scraping resin-coated DNA from your last smoked bowl.
This is so black comedy, so the tone of our laugh is so low.
Funny joke you're pulling but you're somewhere laughing solo.
They searched your laptop all they found were passwords to porn sites,
And some of your poetry, discovered you adore life.
I brought desert to your search party.
If we all pissed you off, we're sorry.

I've known this dude since first grade
I feel so naive
His disappearing act was sudden but
so slow I feel
His absence wearing on my humor
At times I miss him so
Him drum kit sitting in his room
But on his rhythm goes
Maybe he's chasing that woman
That he pined over
I'd probably know where he went
If I'd known her
M.I.A., if you see him send him my way
We'll get him found and find out what led him astray.
Track Name: Forced Around A Corner
That's cool insist that's things are fine
But I'm onto you and I've been for years
Now I have a signal that I need to lay into your ears.

Sign of the times that we don't actually talk anymore
Our companionship is now on the floor.
What wheel is there to steer?

Never thought I'd become that 20 something
That loses his best friend cuz they went different ways.
You come to mind and I wanna grab and shake you,
You come to me with that fake good news just
Because you're afraid - and of what?

I don't wanna force myself on you
But I thought you might care to know that
All along, I was here.
You don't know, but I feel like you don't care.
All good, keep making a scene, it's fine,
No really, keep going, man you're doing great.
When you wanna talk it out, my counsel won't be there.

What about the time you revealed your true self
And I was the only one that you could reveal it to?
The alignment of our spirits may be in the past now,
It may seem fine to you, but it feels fried to me.

Whatever we thought we did,
We surely were meant to do.
Now I can't be there for you,
Now I must be there for me.
Track Name: Qalqulated
You calculate, so you can't remember names.
There's no sentiment so you can't remember things.
Can't taste the pavement if you're tongue could reach that length.
You stoke the fire, you watch the embers sing.

Beneath concealment, you pushed your face aside.
It's not a costume, and it's seldom a disguise.
You calculate, so you must see:

Half of another half of another half of a quarter of a half of what you could be.

Can't be persuaded out of your air tight approach.
You take your seat and mistake it for a throne.
You see numbers claim superiority.
I block their power, now here they are for me.

Thrust our heads against surface a mile tall,
And we never realize we're beating the same wall.
We calculate so we must dream:

Half of another half of another half of a quarter of a half of what we could dream.
Track Name: I Tried
Thought I could dance
Maybe not by myself
For once not by myself
Really be somewhere with someone else and

The loudspeaker speaks:
"Hey you should be yourself
So you can dance, not dwell
Under your hood like you always do."

And with my disjointed, grooveless effort - I tried.

So I had some drinks,
So I wouldn't have to think
about how to move my feet
and what you'd do with your's, and

You took my pulse,
which I was thankful for,
My heart it sank of course,
You grabbed my hand and dragged me…

And I thought if I fuck up like I always do - I tried.

So I lifted a foot,
and then the loudspeaker spoke,
in fact the loudspeaker yelled
just to remind me that:
"No need to obsess,
though she looks good in that dress
if you can pull this off,
you can maybe pull off that.

But for now, take it one step at a time and you go get that gold - you try. And I'll speak."

I wanted to yell shut up,
or maybe sit on the ground,
maybe faint right then and right there,
just dissipate into the crowd.
Then I had this thought -
Well if I draw her beauty
with the movements I could make
with my own flesh which I am
barely comfortable in,

She would know that at the very least, I'm trying.

So I'm doing my best,
And she was doing her thing,
Groove kitten on the dancefloor
and I'm a boxer in the ring.
And I'm beating on myself
in my un-winnable match,
she don't know I get stuck in my mode,
and how I don't just detach.

And she looks at me,
And her stare's visceral,
She hears the loudspeaker speak,
and it's invisible.

I panic and pause, and she says
"No you don't - we can dance right here,
but you gotta promise me,
try to let go of what you're holding onto
inside, I'm here to be with you while

We try. Don't speak. Just dance. No speak."
Track Name: Newspaper Rock
How long has that black white and red all over joke been around?
No one above is asking us to tone it down.
You read and write your own and don't report to no editor.
The issue in flames will never be out of print so let it burn.

If you're running to drown those who wanna save you on beaches,
we won't need to read between those lines.
And if you've spilled ink like milk on another man's document well,
I know your problem you know mine.
But it doesn't mean you can cry,
and it doesn't mean we can cry.

We all have some stories holding the weight of newspaper rock.

Imagine this: we're all in the streets chanting I am me, read all about it.
Populous: we must unite for revamping, overthrow he who's mounted.
Discretely pronouncing the heat we surmount.
We stay cold on the east coast and stay winning on the west.

Breaking: None of us are surprised you wrote yourself up in the paper.
Your printless word will be cherished so don't be shameful.
Or maybe you heard your secret whispered in some classified.
If our eyes are open long enough, at last we find,

We all question freedom,
we all got our own way to redefine.
Oh I wanna hear the thoughts of all in my community,
that's how they view me with mine.
But it doesn't mean you can pry,
and it doesn't mean we can pry,
though we all have some stories holding the weight of newspaper rock.